Attendance Dues and Policy One Monies

For many proprietors the only two sources of income is the money that is recieved by the Ministry of Education (Policy One) and money recieved through Attendance Dues.  It is therefore important to have a sound understanding of what the money recieved is lawfully able to be used for.  Surprisingly this information is not easy to come by.

Such guidelines are clarified in three documents,

  1. the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools, memo on Policy One money.  Interestingly through much research I have not been able to get any information directly from the Ministries resources.  Infact, this document is the document that is linked from the MOE website.
  2. Private Schools Conditional Integration Act - Attendance Dues and more
  3. Attendance Dues Review Guidance 2012 - Clarity provided by the MoE in response to the in light of the High Court's recent declaratory judgment inregards to the lawful use of Attendance Dues

Why is it important to get this right?

Should any proprietor use any revenue from attendance dues for any purpose other than one permitted by this section, the Minister may, notwithstanding anything in the integration agreement, by notice in the Gazette, withdraw the right to charge attendance dues, and the controlling authority shall thereafter, while the withdrawal continues, be required to permit the attendance of children without the payment of attendance dues. The Minister may at any time, by notice in the Gazette, cancel any such withdrawal.

Document Summaries:

Association Of Proprietors Of Integrated Schools – In the absence of anything clearer in writing from the Ministry APIS released this document.  It is now the only document on the Ministry Website to define Policy One Funding use.  Main points, Policy One monies is to be used for the primary purpose of maintaining the school (4.1) once maintenance is complete the balance of the funding may be used for the school's capital works (4.2.1) or maintenance, capital works or other purposes directly related to any other integrated school (4.2.2).  The government does not routinely audit Policy One Monies but this document clearly outlines the requirements should an audit be requested.  It recommends the Proprietor require their auditor to complete an annual audit with regard to the outlined requirements.

Private Schools Conditional Integration Act – This is the act the Ministry uses when it enters into a contract with a Proprietor.  Of greatest relevance to the conversation about Attendance Dues in Section 6.  In particular paragraph outlines the sole usage of attendance dues; defined as, improvements to the school buildings, capital works required by the Minister and for the paying of debts/mortgages/other charges associated with the land and buildings that constitute the premises of the school.  Also of importance is paragraph 5 which outlines the Secretary of Educations ability to withdraw the right to charge attendance dues if Attendance Dues are used in  a manner contrary to those expressed in the act.  In such an event the school is required to continue providing education for their students.

Attendance Dues Review Guidance 2012 – After the lengthy hearing between the Ministry and APIS the Ministry released a document to clarify the now agreed upon Lawful (and some Unlawful) uses of attendance dues monies.  Lawful uses include; attendance dues administration, building projects, lease payments, building warrants of fitness and debt servicing; all in regards to the land and buildings as integrated for the Ministry.
The document also outlines some examples of Unlawful Uses of Attendance Dues.  This includes, hostels, Chapels, Building new schools/acquiring land (non integrated), cost of proprietorship and building/renovating to a standard that exceeds the State school standard.  

As integrated schools we need to stay in a favourable position with the MoE for the likes of roll increases and potential policy two money in the future in order to fulfil proprietors vision. 

I you require further advice in regards to the aformentioned subject please contact the Association of Proprietors of Christian Schools, Association of Intgrated Schools or another proprietors group such as the New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust.

The parable of the man with a Holden, and the Ford Service Centre

A friend from Church asked me today, 'Why would I send my daughter to a Christian School when it is so much cheaper and closer to send her to the state school down the road, they are both schools after all"

I told him of a man called Harry, who saved up for years to buy a brand new Holden HSV Sports car. At over $100,000 it was his pride and joy. Every weekend Harry would meet with other Holden owners and talk about their cars and encourage each other. They were so happy and grateful for their cars that they even sung songs about them and whenever they got the opportunity to they tried to tell Ford owners what they were missing out on, invite them to their meetings and try to convert them.

Harry was so protective of his new Holden and at first he would sacrifice nothing to be sure his Holden only got the best of everything. However with insurances and the rising cost of petrol it was expensive to own a new Holden. But as every new car owner knows it is very important to keep the car serviced. This meant the car would be in fine form for a long time and with regular servicing the car was bound to be a classic Holden one day.

Just down the road from Harry there was a Ford Servicing Centre. It was very good at servicing Ford cars, the workshop was shiny and had all the newest gadgets. Most of the people who worked there were very good at servicing Fords and there was even the odd worker who was secretly a Holden lover and was there trying put a little bit of Holden in the cars they serviced. Some Holden lovers knew this and sent their beloved Holden babies to this Ford Service Centre with the hope that one of their fellow Holden lovers might service their car. However the real reason some Holden lovers sent their babies to the Ford Service Centre did so because it was close and most importantly, because the government funded the Ford Service Centre it was much cheaper than the Holden Service Centre across town.

When it came time to start servicing his car he considered the Holden Service Centre, but because of the location and the extra cost in sending it across town Harry chose to send his car to the Ford Service Centre. Harry knew the Ford Service Centre would only use Ford parts on his car, in fact Holden parts were very much forbidden at the Ford Service Centre, but it was closer and cheaper. What was good was that once a week for half an hour some people from the Holden Club were allowed to come in and show videos of Holdens. They showed pictures and told some stories about Holdens from many years ago. They even sang some songs about Holdens, sort of. They were only really able to sing songs about tires, towbars and paint jobs, definitely no stories or songs about the intricacies of what made a Holden a Holden. They weren't even allowed to talk about the main Holden symbol and what it really stood for.

Harry even knew that at the Ford Service Centre there were some rough individuals and there was a good chance that his baby would be roughed up a little. Actually, the fact that his baby was a Holden in a Ford's world meant there was an even higher chance of some damage, but Harry hoped that the damage would not last, after all he reminded himself, it is cheaper and closer at the Ford Service Centre.

After a few years, Harry found his baby was changing. Not all the time, but sometimes when his baby got hot it made noises like a Ford, actually sometimes it even drove a little like a Ford, but worst of all for Harry sometimes it would not start on Sunday mornings when it was time to go to the Holden Club. He didn't really think too much of it as it happened to all sorts of Holdens. Harry had even heard of this happening to a Holden that was serviced by the Holden Service Centre!

One such Sunday morning, instead of walking himself to the Club he decided to get to the bottom of what was going on. He spent a lot of time digging around. Everything looked fine on the surface, but when he looked deep in the car he found some of the parts had been replaced which he hadn't realised. There were Ford parts all over the place! Some of them didn't look like they even fitted well and had to have been beaten into place. As Harry closed the bonnet, wondering what he could have done differently he realised for the first time that the Holden badge was starting to slip, just a little.

Why would you send your child to a Christian School when the school down the road is closer and cheaper? The answer seems relatively straight forward to me…

Shaun B

Where is God in time of Natural Disaster?

I recently posted to following in a school newsletter and it was well received by the school community in a time of much uncertainty. I have included it with this website on Christian Education as students and teachers are not immune from asking this Question. It refers to a devastating earthquake in Christchurch and 'prediction' of a more devastating earthquake in a couple of weeks which is unsettling many people in the community. Got to say, this afternoon I attended a funeral and could not help to think of the many people who have been killed by a 'Natural Disaster', but have entered heaven because of an 'Act of God'…

As the year whizzes past I am sure that the older students will be pleased to have testing week behind them! Thank you to all who came to the school BBQ last weekend. What a fantastic turnout! We had several things planned for the afternoon such as a netball game and some short speeches, but as everyone was so settled into conversations and enjoying one another's company it seemed criminal to interrupt this with formalities. Obviously our school is very much about Christian growth and development and a big part of that is community and unity.

The situation in Christchurch is dreadful with such a toll of loss of life, limb and homes, I am moved by a song by contemporary Christian artist, Toby Mac (formally from DC Talk for those who bounced about in the 90's) called "City on our Knees‟.

When Bron and I were living in the Cayman Islands it was shaken by a Category 5 Hurricane which pretty much decimated the country. The effect on the island, as with the quakes here, was a country asking one of the most important questions of our lives, "Where is God?‟. On the news we have heard reporter after reporter offering up thoughts and prayers to those affected by the quake, in an unprecedented move the Speaker of the House, Hon. Lockwood Smith opening the House in prayer and Churches packed by people returning to "their roots‟ across the country. With the rumours of more earthquakes I know of many Christians who are having long time acquaintances questioning them about God and Church. Praise the Lord!

The images of the old Churches lying in ruin have been difficult for many people to take. But as we have seen God's churches falling and at times taking life, we know that it is time for His Church to be strong, unified and to share the life He has given to us with others. In adversity there can be great unity.

With people, the rich and poor alike, being brought to their knees we can gain comfort that in our weakness He is strong. When the Apostle Paul petitioned to the Lord for a "thorn‟ to be taken (his adversity) from his flesh, his Lord replied with, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness". (2 Cor 12:9)

I know there are many theological answers to the question "Where is God when things go bad?", but one thing is certain, He is where He always is. He said to the Church at Laodicea in the Book of Revelation, "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me." (Rev 3:20)

In such a time as this we need to be on our knees and ready for those who ask.

But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. (1 Peter 3:15)

Thank you to all those who have offered practical help. Last week we deposited a little over $1,200 to the Red Cross. For those who have offered accommodation to Christian families I will hold onto the responses as there are still people looking for a home away from home.



Welcome to this Christian Education Website

Welcome to this website aboDSC_5282aut Christian Education.  I have been involved in Christian Education for a little over 15 years and am very passionate about it.  I am currently the Head of the Junior Campus Elim Christian School in New Zealand and although some of the content of this website will be specific to education in New Zealand there will be many principles which are generic to Christian Education across the world.

I envisage that over time others will feel happy to contribute to this website and hopefully share some resources.

By no means do I expect everyone to agree with all I write, nor that the resources that I place on this website will be the best ever seen but I remember what it was like when I first started as a principal.  There was nowhere I could go to access the important documents at that time-this is my attempt to adress that.  Somewhere to get some documents which you can develop into something amazing!

Enjoy and please post feedback on articles and resources.



Critique and Criticism

Recently I was doing some reading for a paper I completing and had one of those "AHA!" moments. It had to do with the processes of critiquing and criticising. Two concepts which I have probably fused together too many times. However, at this particular time I had just spent two long evenings reading school reports before they were sent home. Most of the reports were fantastic but there were a couple which I felt uneasy about and this paper spelt it out for me, they read as criticisms of the student. I know this was not a deliberate act on behalf of the teachers who wrote the reports, but the focus was sadly wrong.

Criticism should have no place in our classrooms. In Christian Education we are to be holistically concerned with the development of our students. Whether we are writing reports, evaluating work, giving verbal feedback or completing a pair review with another teacher, our focus must be on building up, moving forward, specific and at all times honest.

The following are some suggestions on the differences between Critique and Criticism from Judy Reeve

The Difference between Critique and Criticism

About Criticism

About Critique

Criticism finds fault

Critique looks at structure

Criticism looks for what's lacking

Critique finds what's working

Criticism condemns what it doesn't understand

Critique asks for clarification

Criticism is spoken with a cruel wit and sarcastic tongue

Critique's voice is kind, honest, and objective

Criticism is negative

Critique is positive (even about what isn't working)

Criticism is vague and general

Critique is concrete and specific

Criticism has no sense of humor

Critique insists on laughter, too

Criticism looks for flaws in the writer as well as the writing

Critique addresses only what is on the page

Taken from Writing Alone, Writing Together; A Guide for Writers and Writing Groups by Judy Reeve

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