Just an observation. An observation from 15+ years in Christian Education, leadership in many Christian Schools, chairmanship of an education trust for several Christian schools and both initial teacher training and postgraduate study through Christian Tertiary Colleges.  My observation is that there are five 'types' of families who send their children to Christian schools.  

Identifying the current make up of your school’s community within these five types is not an ego thing nor is it a ‘some are better than others’ sort of thing.  It is important to know the make up of your school community in order to best meet the needs of your current community.  Secondly, if your school does NOT attract any of these types of families it will be because of the perception your school holds in the wider community.  Acknowledging that the perception may or may not be based on reality.  Knowing which types do not attend will enable you to try and target the perceptions and move the school forward.   

The five types are:

  1. Christian and committed no matter what
  2. Christian looking for the Christian School to 'sort-out' or nurture one child from the family
  3. Non-Christian looking for values
  4. Christian and looking for quality education
  5. Non-Christian looking for high-quality education

Or more importantly, is a Theology Course by default Christian Education?

Christian Education, real Christian Education is so much more than the content that is taught. It is easy for some to believe that Christian Education is something that happens in Theology courses but not in securities courses.  This is far from the truth.  I would go so far to argue that even the delivery of a Theology course in itself does not equate to Christian Education. Furthermore, any Christian Tertiary Provider who leans solely on the content of their curriculum to qualify as 'Christian Education', is kidding themselves, their students and their governance board.  Such an institute is not a Christian Education provider; they are merely a provider of Christian information.    

Getting more Christian and less religion in our Christian Schools.


Christian education can be an incredibly transformative force. 


It can take a life in its infancy, a time when someone is establishing their understanding, expectation and perspective of the world and bring hope.  Hope in a world that is increasingly seeming hopeless.  It can help a young person understand that success is not about who dies with the most toys, rather it is about how many others one person can help, not just here on Earth, but for eternity.  It can help a young person understand that they are a not the centre of the universe, fulfilment comes when we learn to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind and learn to love our neighbour as ourself.   At its essence, Christian Education is counter-cultural.  It tells of an alternative narrative to the world that other schools promote.  Christian Education compels a view of the world that the world has lost.  A view of the world that society no longer wants to see, albeit a world that society needs.


To You.

Thank you for your commitment to educating my child, not just equipping her for her future career but helping her to set her eyes on things above. 

I pray that you will equip her well. If you are a science teacher, teach her science in the best way you can...with Christ’s help. Recognising that she is not just my daughter, but she is a daughter of the Most High King.

If you are a junior school teacher teach her the foundations of literacy and numeracy well, helping her to create a curiosity for God’s creation. And do it the best that you can, with Christ’s help. Recognising that she is not just my daughter, but a daughter of the Most High King.