The top 100 tools for learning - 2011

Life has happened . . . I have moved into a new role at my school, my family has grown, and I have taken up triathlon . . . as a consequence, blogging about the world of eLearning has been moved to the backburner. However, as we in the North American school system approach our summer holiday, I would like to blog about eLearning again. Perhaps more than just eLearning.

I have been privileged to attend the Vancouver Symposium on Christian Education for the 21st Century. It has rekindled the interest I have in the integration of technology in education, and it has broadened my definition of technology. We live in a drastically different world (as Shaun's PowerPoint shows - check it out on the eLearning home page on this website). How is the Christian school community going to respond? We want to prepare our students to be disciples of Jesus Christ, and world-changers. Is our present educational model achieving that? I plan to blog on that more later.

I came across a really cool link on my Twitter feed. If you are wondering what are some of the online learning tools available out there, visit http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/recommended/2011.html. A very interesting list . . .